Little Thoughts: Three Records with Murielle Marra

I’m so glad Murielle has continued blogging even after graduating out of #MrsTrottersAPENG11. Check out her post here: she’s still using her rhetorical analysis skills! Woot!


Little Thoughts is a monthly guest post series where music fans and writers cover three albums, new or old, that they think deserve to be heard. The series itself is named after a Bloc Party song. This time, I decided to switch it up in asking a guest to write. Full disclosure, Murielle is my girlfriend, but that is not why I asked her; instead, it was because of her love for film. She runs a YouTube channel, MX2 Films, and I love the way her music choices in her videos complement the actual images. Because of that, she wrote about three of her favorite movie soundtracks and how they influence the movie itself.

Yo, I’m Murielle Marra and I live to tell stories through the lens of a camera – I am a filmmaker. DISCLAIMER: I am not a writer. Nor am I an avid music fan in…

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